Supporting the League of Animal Protectors

A legal professional currently serving as a professor of law at Texas A&M University, Mary Margaret Penrose has written countless publications and book chapters and appeared for numerous media programs and presentations. Dedicated to supporting her community outside of the legal realm, Mary Margaret “Meg” Penrose works with the League of Animal Protectors.

A non-profit animal adoption and rescue organization, the League of Animal Protectors (LAP) relies on its donors and support to continue its work. Roughly 90 percent of all donations made to the organization go toward caring for the animals. Donations help fund important veterinary care, such as spay/neuter procedures, disease treatments, and vaccinations. Donations are a simple way to show support for LAP when giving one's time is difficult. 

For those who can donate time, the organization regularly looks for volunteers to foster pets, help at events, and oversee cats in the condos at Petco. Kitty condo volunteers are responsible for feeding and playing with the cats being shown at the store. They also scoop litter boxes to keep the condos clean. Meanwhile, event volunteers handle a wide variety of tasks when preparing and holding various events.

Foster volunteers make some of the largest time commitments because they agree to open their home to LAP’s pets. Fostering is a temporary way for animals to get shelter, love, and food while they wait to be adopted. Since LAP does not have a shelter, it relies on foster homes to keep its rescued animals safe. The pets that are usually fostered are older pets that are sick or injured and pets that are too young to be spayed and neutered. Fostering a pet can literally save its life.